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Logging Behind Carambeck

Conservation Today, 04:03 PM
Does anyone know what is going on in the woods adjacent to Carambeck, behind the Hydro building?   There has been some clearcutting done, and I am hearing lots of rumours and not getting many answers when I email the Town.    From what I understand, the plan is to put a snow dump a...
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Joe Thrasher - Local Heavy Metal!

Local Bands and Entertainers Today, 11:11 AM
My band, Joe Thrasher just released a new video in support of our new EP "Screaming Scorching Hell"   Here it is:    You can also check us out: website: http://www.joethrasher.com facebook: http://facebook.com/joethrasher videos: http://youtube.com/joethrasher music: http://joethra...
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It's Only Catcalls?

General Chat Today, 08:59 AM
Is it this bad in Canada? Video shows woman being catcalled 100 times in 10 hours     http://www.cbc.ca/ne...n-10-hours.html
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Steven Colbert Apologizes To Canada

General Chat Yesterday, 06:10 PM
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Kids React To An Old Computer

Technology and related 29 Oct 2014
This brought me back to high school (and had nothing to do with the age of the kids       I remember my first Apple IIe clone, with a whacking 128KB of memory (though I never figured out how to use more than 64KB)   My rocking computer setup had a yellow monochrome monitor,...
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