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Community Concerns Over Contamination In Carleton Place

Local Politics Yesterday, 01:53 PM
Wednesday, July 30, 2014     Town Council And CAO Ignored Contamination Information   Personal Blog of Doug Snedden   Yesterday, I witnessed the most amazing act of good citizenship and courage by a resident of Carleton Place at a town committee meeting that was...
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Introducing You To The Carleton Place App!

Technology and related Yesterday, 07:32 AM
Hi fellow CP Reisdents.   My name is Jake and I work with Text2 (soon to be known as Community LinX), we are the company that designed the Carleton Place APP!   I am still surprised how many of you haven't heard that Carleton Place has an APP now - so I thought I would introduce you all...
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"wayne Rostad"

General Chat 30 Jul 2014
Hey fans of Wayne Rostad: Here are two memorable audio/video items (which are currently posted on YouTube) that capture the true essence of this ("Big Bear" with a "sensitive Heart") talented individual. (Have been told that he is currently building himself a house in Nova Scotia)  The 1st i...
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Public Library

Local Politics 30 Jul 2014
I have a question.   Anyone knows if the public library receive funds from our taxes, town hall?   Thanks
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Municipal Election This Fall

Local Politics 29 Jul 2014
Our mayor Wendy Leblanc has filed her papers for re-election.  There are no other contenders as of yet.  So I open the topic, does she deserve re-election, are there any potential candidates that may stand against her, are there issues that should be addressed?    After the Du...
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