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Auditor General And Harper

General Chat Today, 01:41 PM
Any problems here?   OTTAWA—Highlights from auditor general Michael Ferguson’s fall 2014 report, released Tuesday: 1. Some veterans are forced to wait as long as eight months to find out if they can receive benefits. The disability benefits program application is complex and tim...
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Are You A Diamond In The Rough?

General Chat Yesterday, 08:55 AM
But what's the hurry?   People Are Doing This Instead of Getting Buried, and it's Awesome   http://www.zuufy.com...nd-it-s-awesome
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Book Review: All Good Things By Perry Prete

General Chat 22 Nov 2014
All Good ThingsPublisher:  Sands Presshttp://www.sandspress.com/   Author Perry Prete creates realistic and compelling characters in his debut novel All Good Things.  In the first of two murder mystery  novels;  the reader is introduced  to Ottawa resident,  Eth...
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Does Sour Grapes Make Good Wine?

Local Politics 22 Nov 2014
The election is over. Many people in town have said that the problem with being involved in local politics is when you get emotionally committed to a candidate, it’s difficult to accept that they’ve been beaten, but one should at least try to be a gracious loser not to mention that there should b...
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Canadians And Climate Change

General Chat 22 Nov 2014
Of course it can be dismissed as just another poll:   Despite the fact that 81% of Canadians accept that temperature on Earth is increasing, Université de Montréal researchers have revealed that Canadians are generally misinformed about the science of climate change and are divided over the...
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