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General Chat Today, 10:10 AM
Does this photo say it all? Or have Star Trek and Spock made a convincing case for a society with higher aspirations than slavery to the dollar?   https://pbs.twimg.co...TUYAIzyYA.jpg
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Sex Education

General Chat 25 Feb 2015
It's in the news. Even CFRA, when failing to paint a (probably) homeless person's tunnel wherein was a rosary and a poppy as a terrorist threat, can't resist the Sex Education topic.   Doesn't it seem it's important enough that our schools should teach it? Sometimes it seems real life issues...
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Past Future Predictions

Technology and related 24 Feb 2015
I've been on a reading binge lately.  The auhor Arther C. Clark and the Rendevouz with Rama books.  I was surprised to read in Rama II  a description of global economic collapse not unlike the sub-prime mortgage of recent history.     Curiously, I found this interview in...
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Harpers New Anti-Terrorism Legislation

Local Politics 22 Feb 2015
Is anyone following Harper's new Anti-terrorism Legislation as he attempts to limit debate and push the legislation through?  Some are calling it an affront to our rights and freedoms.   Rex Murphy is extremely vocal about this legislation as he issued a call to arms to fight this bill...
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Please Explain

Local Politics 19 Feb 2015
This is a direct question to mayor Louie Antonakos. Why does council and the mayor need $20,000 for administration in 2015? It has never been explained what the money will be used for. Why did the previous council not need this extra money? It just bothers me that we are spending this money when...
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