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Heard Mayor's Election Campaign Is In Trouble

Local Politics Yesterday, 08:55 PM
have noticed that there are not as many signs on private properties like 2010 campaign.  Hey, maybe this could be a "sign" to either bow out or get a new "campaign" manager.
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The Mayors Race

Local Politics 28 Sep 2014
At the request or recommendation of 'Gandalf' I'm opening up this thread of discussion.  Who and why for Mayor?   There has been a lot of discussion about the conduct of the current council.  To be expected, as I mentioned in a previous thread, current councillors, deputy mayor and...
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Will Flynn, Antonakis, Probert Or Strike Go Door-To-Door...

Local Politics 26 Sep 2014
or do they hope to win by who has the most or biggest election signs?    Pretty sad isn't it ... they expect us to vote for them but they continue to raise property taxes, water rates and SPEND, SPEND and just expense it all to the Taxpayers.  Apparently one of these guys is costin...
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Only 2 Signs On Crampton Dr

Local Politics 26 Sep 2014
and one of them ... guess they don't want to talk about the new Fence that has to be built on McNeeley
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Canadian Actor Robert Bockstael In Cp Oct. 9Th!

General Chat 26 Sep 2014
Veteran Canadian actor, Robert Bockstael, will appear at a fundraising/social event here (in Carleton Place) at Temptations Magazine Store, 117 Bridge Street, Thursday Oct 9th from 7:30-9pm. He will host an "Q & A Session" and YOU are very much welcome to attend! This event is to be the...
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