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Low Impact Development- Not For Cp?

Conservation & Environment 18 Feb 2017
Community Issues CommitteeÔÇô February 21st, 2017- Page 4 http://carletonplace...ry 21, 2017.pdf   COMMUNICATION 128101 Received from Paul Knowles, Chief Administrative Officer Addressed to Community Issues Committee Date February 14th, 2017 Topic Low Impact Design (LID) for Stormwater...
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The Big Meeting

General Chat 14 Feb 2017
Seems that Mr.Trudeau Had a nice friendly meeting with Mr. Trump, saying afterward to Canadians, that he wasn't about to tell the leader of a foreign country what to do, Good for Mr.Trudeau. I hope he retains that attitude; one little step for peace in the world. Perhaps we Canadians could follow...
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Problem Solved!

General Chat 13 Feb 2017
Never let it be said we can't create a problem that we can't solve.   Stick glue on a drone. Fly it into a flower. World hunger solved, bee-lieve   http://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/02/10/japanese_researchers_turn_tiny_drones_into_robot_bees/     Just a reminder of the problem...
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Trump's Mental Health

General Chat 12 Feb 2017
A topic that is surfacing is a question about President Trump's mental health.   Here is a President that acts totally irrational, who lies and states falsehoods, who will not admit any wrong doing, and on and on. America is rebelling.   His irrational behavior will be reflected on Cana...
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Our Library Special Award

General Chat 08 Feb 2017
It's hard to imagine anything being of more value to a town than its library. And ours has gotten some recognition:   The Carleton Place Public Library and the Highlands Public Library have received a special honour: the Angus Mowat Award of Excellence for 2016.   http://lake88.ca/2017/...
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