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Another Spill!

General Chat 25 Jul 2016
The North Saskatchewan River this time and Brad Wall says he hopes this spill does not make it harder to sell new energy infrastructure. That must be reassuring for North Battlefield!   The Saskatchewan city of North Battleford shut down its water intake plant Friday because of a major pipel...
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Why I Closed The Tales Of Carleton Place On Facebook

General Chat 22 Jul 2016
Some people have asked me why I just up and shut down my Facebook site The Tales of Carleton Place-- I found myself backed up to a wall and I needed a new room to get some fresh air. Part of the reason-- but I will never stop writing.. ever ever ever     We Didn’t Start the Fire Carle...
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The Rnc Is Finally Over, Is Trump Presidential Material O...

General Chat 22 Jul 2016
It appears Trump is full of it (I think we already knew that).  His speech last night rambled for an ungodly 1 1/2 hours of rants, fear mongering and outright lies.  Today the truth of his speech comes out.  He can't hold a candle to the truth.   It's a sad day when the potent...
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Our Brave New World

General Chat 18 Jul 2016
What is as ingenious as the human species when it comes to weaponry and its potential for destruction and mayhem?   ‘Trident is old technology’: the brave new world of cyber warfare   They may look like large bright yellow torpedoes, but they are in fact underwater drones, capable of be...
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Shopping Carts?

General Chat 17 Jul 2016
Observing a little boy at Walmart today object to sitting in a shopping cart the only way he could; by screaming as loudly as he could and the beleagured father rushing as fast as possible to get all his shopping done.   I don't think these carts are ergonomically tested for kids. Some of th...
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