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Our Community -- Let's Talk About Positive Developments

Local Politics 15 Mar 2017
SORRY GUYS TITLE SHOULD HAVE BEEN"   Our Community -- Let;'s Talk about the Positive Developments        New Topic  -- This is a place to talk about anything you here that is positive in the community  -- Big or small  -- let's talk about the good things ab...
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E-Voting In Carleton Place

Local Politics 15 Mar 2017
This is good news, but doesn't Trump spoil everything? Just as Trump releases his 2005 tax return to deflect from very real issues, it made me wonder if our council needed a deflection. But a more positive consideration would be that the council is still somewhat functional.   Carleton Pla...
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Parrot Sanctuary

General Chat 13 Mar 2017
Does anyone have an update on this? Is it open?   Parrot sanctuary spreading its wings in Carleton Place   http://www.insideottawavalley.com/news-story/6813296-parrot-sanctuary-spreading-its-wings-in-carleton-place/
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Who Died???

General Chat 10 Mar 2017
Back from vacation. Heard over coffee this morning a local journalist died. Anyone know who it is?
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Atheist Fellowship

General Chat 07 Mar 2017
I wonder if there are others in town that can relate on some level to how I feel, and may be looking to find like-minded people in your area?   I was never really religious, yet in my early life I believed there was some kind of higher power. Then, as I looked at the evidence, listened to th...
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