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Integrity -- What Is That Anyway ??

Local Politics Yesterday, 02:50 AM
At the All-Candidates meeting this past week, Mayor Leblanc boldly declared " I have restored Integrity back to the Office of the Mayor"  .. This made me wonder if I could find a good definition of Integrity .. thanks Mr. google...   .. I also wondered whether other quali...
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Historical Society Events

History File 18 Oct 2014
REMINDER - Haunted Heritage Evening at the Carleton Place and Beckwith Hertiage Museum tonight October 18, 2014 at 7pm.
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Meet The Candidates Night -- Hits And Misses

Local Politics 18 Oct 2014
Some observations... Miss - No mention of Ed Sonnenburg. His wife, Evelyn was in attendance. I heard her telling someone that she came because it was important - especially with so many candidates running. Miss - Character attack on Jasmine Ralph, EDC. I felt bad for her. Totally inappropriate of...
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So Lets Cut The Popularity Contest And Lets See Where The...

Local Politics 18 Oct 2014
For Councilors only, No Mayor or Deputy Mayor.   Who's ya going to vote for? Lets pick one and only one. and tally in a week to see how this forum stacks up against election day, Ill start another thread for Mayor and Deputy Mayor. Lets keep it simple. One name, no comments or expl...
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General Chat 17 Oct 2014
Has anyone been watching the new show "Outlander"   It is based upon a series of books written by Diana Gabaldon.   The casting is quite close to perfect, the characters are played exactly as I had pictured them when reading the stories.  The production is fantastic and I have been...
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