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General Chat Today, 12:02 PM
FOUND two dogs Golden retriever and smaller black and white terrier type.
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Carleton Place And Beckwith Historical Society / Museum

History File 23 Jan 2015
http://www.cpbherita...om/join-us.html   The Carleton Place and Beckwith Historical Society is working on its 2015 Membership Campaign.   There are a number of ways to support the Historical Society. The three most direct ways are membership, volunteering and donations.    ...
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Harper's Vision

General Chat 23 Jan 2015
Is selling arms to Saudi Arabia really the right thing to do?   This is the PM who wouldn't hesitate to peddle asbestos from the trunk of his car. So maybe giving arms to Saudi Arabia is the very essence of ethical and wise policy ... for his cONS.    Canada’s arms deal with Saudi...
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Federal Liberal Platform

General Chat 22 Jan 2015
So far we've been told that the federal liberals aren't ready to unroll their platform.  That's a red herring. Kathleen Wynne is rolling out their platform for them:   http://ottawacitizen...ual-to-medicare   A federal or provincial Slush fund by any other name:   http://ottaw...
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Your Ideas On This..........

General Chat 20 Jan 2015
      A little while ago I travelled over to the nearby Town of Almonte. I decided to stroll down the main street to see what was going on. Soon I came to a bench which was a little out of the ordinary, as it happened to be of Dr. James Naismith the founder of basketball....
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