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Skatepark News

General Chat Today, 08:05 AM
Temporary skatepark taking shape in Carleton Place   http://lake88.ca/2016/05/24/temporary-skatepark-taking-shape-carleton-place/#.V0RABxnf3tE.twitter
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Looking In The Right Places

General Chat Today, 08:01 AM
Maybe there are billions and billions of inhabitable planets after all.    The Little Telescope That Just Discovered Three Exoplanets and One-Upped Kepler   The telescope doesn’t track just any 60 stars though. These are 60 ultracool dwarf stars that Kepler couldn’t even bother wit...
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Senate Reformation

General Chat 20 May 2016
There are no grounds to charge Pamela Walin and charges against Mac Harb have been dropped.  What should happen with Senate financing and accountability?   http://www.cbc.ca/th...ents/rexmurphy/
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Breaking News Trudeau Manhandles

General Chat 18 May 2016
So our charming Prime Minister has apparently manhandled the whip of the Conservative party today. What the heck is going on?
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Giant Ball Of Fire

General Chat 18 May 2016
Fireball lights up sky over Ontario, Quebec   A blazing "giant" fireball streaked across the sky and exploded with a "boom" over Ontario, Quebec and several northeastern U.S. states after midnight last night.   http://www.cbc.ca/ne...uebec-1.3586232   Not interested? Maybe this wil...
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