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How Many Council Candidates?

Local Politics 27 Aug 2014
Does anyone think we'll pass the 20 candidates? According to my source many more names are going to be added.
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Remembering Ed Sonnenburg

General Chat 21 Aug 2014
Tonight I am remembering 'theoldman'.  That's what Ed was known by here, many years ago.  He was here on this forum in the very beginning.  That would be when it was Ed, me, Robin and Eggman.  We had a lot of fun, chatting, discussing, throwing out ideas.  This was long b...
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Offer: Bookcase In Carleton Place

Offers and selling 21 Aug 2014
I have a cherry wood bookcase, that I no longer need.   It is 72"H x 36"W x 12"D, and has 4 shelves.   It is in perfect condition, and it's FREE (for pickup)     ve3kir@gmail.com
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Phone Scam?

General Chat 21 Aug 2014
For some weeks now, we have been recieving auto-dial calls but when you pick up, nobody is on the other end.  Yesterday someone finally picked up at the other end and claimed in a rather urgent and breathless tone of voice; to be calling from "Mum's Microsoft Support".  Apparently their...
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