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Star Wars Episode Vii

General Chat Yesterday, 12:58 PM
Let's talk about something really important here.   Have you seen the latest teaser trailer for the new Star Wars movie?
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Local Politics Yesterday, 12:33 PM
I got a good laugh from this one.   Not that it will happen, but this is a summer job I would love to have.   The urban river forest committee, apparently discussed using drones to shoo away seagulls in Riverside Park.    What a blast that would be!!!   BWAHAHAHAHAHA
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10 Facts About Our Society That We Oddly Accept As Normal

General Chat Yesterday, 11:13 AM
Something different for a while.  I really found this interesting. This is the primary link.   http://www.collectiv...cept-as-normal/   10 things that we accept as normal.  I like number 10.  'Anyone with a really useful invention can forcefully prevent others from using...
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Is Trudeau Just A Harper Lite?

General Chat 15 Apr 2015
A recent article about coalition Government made the point that the liberals under Trudeau are just a lite version of the Conservatives. http://www.theglobea...rticle23971424/ On the question of taxes, for example, the Liberals would retain all the Conservative measures, save for a minor incom...
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J.j. Mccullough

General Chat 14 Apr 2015
Sadly, J.J. has decided to leave political punditry to it's own besotted devices.  A brilliant mind that I would put up in a 3 against 1 twitter war opposite Amanda Alvaro, Althea Raj and Ian Capstick any day of the week. This challenge was made on Power and Politics tonight against the only...
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