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General Chat Yesterday, 03:59 PM
I've been asked about the Game of Thrones essays that were posted on the previous version of CP.com.  Are they archived anywhere for people to access?  Some of the original authors would like to get a copy if available. 
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Monarch Migration 2016

General Chat Yesterday, 11:29 AM
Finally I saw one 2 days ago; and then another yesterday. I think they are hurting!   Informative site:   Emerging in Diapause Beginning in mid-August in the north, adults are in diapause when they emerge from the chrysalis. They are full grown — but not reproductively mature. Their rep...
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Canada Getting Noticed By Usa

General Chat 25 Aug 2016
The New York Times Announces Plans To Expand To Canada   http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2016/08/23/new-york-times-canada_n_11668664.html   But I don't think it will matter to this guy:  
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Taxes, Taxes And More Taxes.

General Chat 24 Aug 2016
And what do we get for it.  Corrupt politicians, wasteful spending, out of control health care spending not on health care delivery but on non medical executives, highest electrical costs, spending scandal after spending scandal, politicians who think the public purse is their play ground......
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We Can Do Something ...

General Chat 21 Aug 2016
... even if it's only to stop being the problem. The ozone protection layer is growing! Imagine what else we might do if everyone acknowledged the realities of our environmental situation.   Hole in ozone layer is closing and will be 'healed' by 2050, scientists say   http://www.telegra...
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