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Climate Change Ticks On (Apparently?)

Outdoors and related Yesterday, 02:26 PM
Warning are widely posted here.    You Won't Believe Where Researchers Found Lyme Disease   http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/jason-tetro/lyme-disease_b_7871348.html
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And They Say Cellphones Are A Distraction

General Chat Yesterday, 10:25 AM
Is the issue really the right to bare boobs in public or is it a driving hazard?  Especially for the drunken sailor types.  I think this is trouble any way I look at it.  Where does it end?  With people driving around naked in their cars?   http://news.national...pless-bi...
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Federal Pc (Rip) And Flora Macdonald

General Chat 27 Jul 2015
I'm always amazed at the short term memories concerning public figures. Chretien had to more or less re-introduce himself to Canadians after being out of office during the Mulroney regime. I wonder, do we remember Flora MacDonald and her time in office?   A trailblazing politician: Flora Mac...
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The Canadian Senate

General Chat 26 Jul 2015
Starting with the premise that we can not eliminate the Senate and leaving aside the present posturing by all of the Federal parties. What changes to the Senate would make it effective.
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Luna Moth

Outdoors and related 25 Jul 2015
We were back East for a couple of weeks vacation. Found this Luna Moth with a 3 to 4 inch wingspan.
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