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Farmers Market - Bigger, Better, Involved

General Chat Today, 07:10 AM
H everyone,   This summer we had a heated debate, conversations, postings about the farmers market. I'd like to announce a new Executive membership. We are going to be Gwen Thirlwall, baker of delicious gluten free products. Scott Dunlop, producer of the best Honey around. Francois Maltais (...
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Mayor Responds To Tragic Events In Ottawa/2014 Campaign

Local Politics Yesterday, 12:00 PM
Carleton Place Mayor, Wendy Leblanc comments on yesterday's (Oct. 22nd) tragic events in Ottawa plus discusses her 2014 re-election campagn just prior to Voting Day on Oct. 27th. Her "video interview" completes the "MAYOR & DEPUTY MAYORALTY CAMPAIGN INTERVIEWS" feature that we have currently...
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Over Worked Campaigners

Local Politics Yesterday, 09:08 AM
Dear overworked campaigners,   I honestly have to laugh when I read this forum. It stresses how hard campaigning is and how much work it is, going door to door and meeting people. I have had one candidate come to my door to talk to me. ONLY ONE. I have always been involved in this town in on...
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How Important Is Being Friendly?

Local Politics Yesterday, 07:21 AM
As you all know, I've been very open and friendly with anyone wanting to talk to me.   I've approached all the other candidates running and I am surprised at the amount of cold shoulder I've been getting.   Does this show how theses candidates will treat people who are on a different pa...
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Thank You Pittsburgh!

General Chat Yesterday, 07:20 AM
Pittsburgh sang O'Canada last night before their game against Philadelphia Flyers.  Apparently the words were supplied on the big screen and many Americans sang along.   What an incredible (and classy) tribute to our nation and yesterday's fallen soldier from our neighbours to the...
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