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A Song Of Ice And Fire

Book Club Yesterday, 01:50 PM
The Lucifer Means Lightbringer thread is getting a bit long.  So I'll continue here for a while.   What Melisandre Sees There are some interesting bits in the Melisandre chapter of a Dance with Dragons that have any number of interpretations.  The curious thing about Mel compared t...
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Climate Change

General Chat 27 Nov 2015
OMG-Trudeau promises 2.65 billion dollars over 5 years, to other nations to adapt to climate change.   Where was this in his platform and why would we as taxpayers pay other nations this money?   Canadians voted for change!
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Keep Voting Liberal

General Chat 24 Nov 2015
This winter you'll notice a number of changes to your bill. Due to changes in provincial electricity programs, all electricity customers in Ontario can expect to see an increase of at least 10% on their bill beginning January 2016. Hydro One recognizes these changes may be challenging for cu...
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Credit Card Benefits

General Chat 24 Nov 2015
You'll have to go some to beat this. All you have to do is get an AMEX card and then finds something to buy. Think big enough and you can travel around the world for free ... forever!    Chinese billionaire Liu Yiqian, who doesn't exactly struggle to afford a plane ticket, can now likel...
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Arrival Of Syrian Refugees

General Chat 24 Nov 2015
Reveal of Syrian refugee plan to have domino effect across Canada It would appear by reading this article that Conservatives have been vindicated.  they are neither racists or bigots, as Syrian refugees have been arriving for some months now.  In actual fact these refugees will be inclu...
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