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Westworld On Hbo Starting Sunday!

General Chat Today, 02:13 PM
I can't wait!      
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Sniffles Trump Vs Clinton, Round One

General Chat Yesterday, 05:30 AM
Any thoughts on the great debate.  CNN's poll has Clinton 62%, Trump 27%.  Clinton a clear winner in debate number one.  Clinton threw Trump off into never never land while the Donald whined and sniffled the night away.  Will this debate mean anything to the voters?  Will...
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Usa Not The Greatest Country In The World, Ranked 28Th.

General Chat 26 Sep 2016
With the debates tonight between Clinton and Trump, the polls rank the USA 28th out of 30 countries, Canada stands 9th.    Trump has a long way to go to 'make America great again'!  Poverty, violence, clean water, obesity and education, some of the factors.    And, Canada...
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Something To Carp About

General Chat 25 Sep 2016
According to CBC Radio this morning we are running out of sand no matter how fast we destroy our riverbeds to get it. It's needed for the concrete that constitute's our rapidly growing cities. Do we really not understand the damage we everywhere do to our environment?   Apparently not:...
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Spammers Are Back

General Chat 24 Sep 2016
Just a word of caution, the spammers are back.  Been a while but in the last three days I've cleaned out 7 spam messages.   I know you won't but please do not click on any links in these messages!    The moderators are watching and disabling these accounts when we are logged i...
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