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Work For Individuals With Autism Spectrum Condition

General Chat Yesterday, 08:46 AM
Lots of kids having autism spectrum condition are visual students. Images are often their mother tongue, with words coming second. Such children can process details much better when info exists to them visually. In the last few year, technology has made it simpler to make visual images more acces...
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Losing An Institution- Dacks Jewellers

General Chat 20 Jan 2017
When the first day of January 2017 popped up I made a resolution. I was done complaining about the town of Carleton Place and the lack of vision due to complete and utter frustration. So today, I write not about town concerns– but more about losing a business that has been an institution in...
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The Fall Of The Cards

General Chat 18 Jan 2017
Confusion and amazement are perhaps the responses when first seeing a Pieter Bruegel the Elder painting. But there is much more than meets the eye.   450-Year-Old Painting Contains Over 100 Proverbs We Still Use Today   The Dutch proverbs reach far and wide. Some are quite similar to th...
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Water Questions Linger For Carleton Place Residents Neigh...

General Chat 17 Jan 2017
1-2 3 go discuss and have you seen the storm water management pond on this one. Holy crikeys..   Water questions linger for Carleton Place residents neighbouring new subdivision--Lake 88 click here Carleton Place’s Lynda Burger is a little disappointed right now.  Burger is a casualty...
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Hospital Meeting

General Chat 16 Jan 2017
Tonight there will be a meeting to discuss the new direction the hospitals in Almonte and Carleton Place will be taking. There is also an online survey one can take.You can take the online survey and or attend the meeting tonight. The first town hall goes tonight (Monday) from 7 to 8:30 pm at the...
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