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Sunny Ways

General Chat Today, 11:54 AM
Looks like we're in for another NAFTA shake down courtesy of the Ontario Government. Our pockets will soon be empty and full of holes.  More sunshine to come.   http://news.national...-energy-blow-up
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Education Funding

General Chat Yesterday, 12:27 PM
So we have a new announcement today to ease the cost of education for youth; assistance to get the training they need for summer jobs etc.  I am not opposed.  $115 million over ten years though is a small investment.  I don't think it's enough.    I'm not a fan of free un...
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Almonte Shooting

General Chat 11 Feb 2016
Town councillor dead, two seriously injured in Almonte shooting incident   http://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/one-dead-and-two-seriously-injured-in-shooting-incident-in-almonte
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Guaranteed Annual Income

General Chat 11 Feb 2016
Probably too socialistic for some, but it seems there is momentum.   The stage is now set for a basic income for all   A basic income can take different forms but it is generally understood to ensure everyone an income that is sufficient to meet their basic needs, regardless of work sta...
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Ground Hog Vs House Fly For Early Spring

General Chat 10 Feb 2016
Hi:     Well today in my house on a window, I saw a house fly. He was busy moving around, trying to escape a lurking spider near by. I'll leave that demise alone. HA!        Does this mean a early spring? After all you only see flies in the spring. Good analogy....
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