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What Happened At The Senior's Residence On Mcneely?

General Chat Today, 12:57 PM
I was running errands and passed the sign shop on Hwy 29.  There were 2 fire trucks, a police car and an ambulance coming down the road.  I didn't see any fire.  Then on the way home, there were fire trucks, police and ambulance packing the parking lot of the senior's residence....
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Is Canada In Reality A Racist Society?

General Chat Yesterday, 10:56 AM
Two articles come to mind beyond the question of wearing a burka.  The first is the treatment of our aboriginal population and the second is an  article about the boneheaded New Brunswick Minister of Education being angry when he learned that English and French students share the same s...
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Sunshine List

General Chat Yesterday, 09:38 AM
After looking through the sunshine list, I realize I am not paid very well. I couldn't believe how many people are on the list, many because of overtime. No wonder there are no good paying jobs everyone is working for overtime, If they hired more people it would be cheaper than paying out the tim...
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What Makes You Laugh

General Chat 26 Mar 2015
Read this on tumbler, Do you think every new President goes through an awkward couple of weeks trying to figure out when is the right time to ask, Are aliens real?
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There Is A Robin On My Fence.

General Chat 25 Mar 2015
The birds have been back in droves, and I welcome in particular, the cardinal that has cheerfully been greeting me each morning.  If only it were warm enough that I could have the patio door open to hear them throughout the day. 
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