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Weekly Deals Exclusive To The Carleton Place App!

Technology and related Today, 07:48 AM
Hi again everyone,   Updating you on some new features within the CP APP. Starting this morning at 8:30, Read's Book Shop will be hosting the town's first CP APP-exclusive deal.    You can see the deal by viewing the weekly deal page on the CP APP, or can get it directly by texting...
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Guardians Of The Galaxy

General Chat Today, 07:23 AM
I saw this movie yesterday in 3D Imax.  It was hilarious especially the opening scene accompanied by the song "come and get your love"; setting the tone for the rest of the movie.  The visual is incredibly dense and well imagined and the 3D experience gave me vertigo a few times and I f...
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General Chat 29 Aug 2014
Anyone seen the new site? I think they made it even worst then it was. Now I can't access it with my mobile. François
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We Need To Send Our Bia And Town Planning Staff ...

Local Politics 29 Aug 2014
... to this conference. Too bad it is an election year, Councillors would benefit as well!   https://www.ida-down...awa2014_Program   Good lineup of speakers and topics.    But alas, when it concerns our main street, we do not look forward at what can be as we'd rather stare a...
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How Many Council Candidates?

Local Politics 27 Aug 2014
Does anyone think we'll pass the 20 candidates? According to my source many more names are going to be added.
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