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The Carleton Place Christmas Basket Program through donations from the public supply a complete Christmas breakfast “pancake mix, syrup, bread, milk, butter, peanut butter, jam also a complete cook at home Christmas supper, potatoes, carrots, dressing, cranberries, apple juice, oranges, apples and a turkey”

Any of the families that have children 16 yrs. and under are put onto our Angel Trees that are in 9 places of local business requesting gifts that are described on the angels. With the assistance of many we also supply knit mittens and toques to all.

All the requests come from persons that live within the K7C postal code area. Ashton to Innsiville and from Franktown to the boarder of Mississippi Mills.

Over the past 10 years we have been able to supply the Christmas Basket to approximately 1000 people including gifts for about 450 – 500 children under 16 years every year. In October, an advertisement is mailed out in the Works Ontario checks with the dates and telephone numbers required to call. We advertise the same information in the EMC. The clients call in and give their and are given an identification number. Angels are completed and put out on the Angel Trees placed within the community.

The week before Christmas, with the help of many volunteers, the food and angels are packed and arranged numerically. The clients arrive at the distribution location and give their identification number and pick up their packages.

The above is only capable of being completed with the donations given by many so that a Xmas can be experienced by all. If you can find the means to assist with this endeavor, please send your donation to the address below.

Carleton Place Christmas Basket
296 Gardiner Shore Rd
Carleton Place, ON
K7C 0C4


Yours Truly
Wayne Drummond

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