December 10, 2018
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CP Chamber Recorded All Candidates Night

All candidates event was recorded on October 11, 2018
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Must be an election year!

Everywhere you go the signs are out and things are starting to heat up locally.

This guide may help you to get a better insight to those in the running.  Big thank-you to all those running!

On poll day, you can select up to 1 mayor, 1 deputy mayor, and 5 Councillors.

Note that these are the limits, your ballot will not be spoiled if you were to vote for less than 5 Councillors. 

Don’t Forget to Vote on October 22, 2018

Get out and vote, these folks need your support!

Louis Antonakos Mayor myspace  cargo blogger
Douglas Black Mayor myspace cargo
Ralph Lee Mayor myspace
Roland Wutherich Mayor no information
Rae Dulmage Deputy Mayor myspace
Sean Redmond Deputy Mayor myspace  cargo
Craig T. Rogers Deputy Mayor myspace
Jeff Atkinson Councillor myspace  myspace
Jamie DeBaie Councillor myspace 
Theresa M. Fritz Councillor myspace  cargo
Carolyn Gerbac Councillor myspace  google
Tracy Kwissa Councillor myspace 
Kyle McCulloch Councillor myspace 
Wes Parsons Councillor myspace 
Mark Piper Councillor myspace 
Edward (Toby) Randell Councillor myspace 
Jennifer Rogers Councillor myspace 
Linda Seccaspina Councillor myspace   wordpress
Andrew Roy Tennant Councillor myspace myspace
Paolo Villa Councillor myspace

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