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There is a woman who appears in several old photographs that no one knows. She once was here but remains only as a face in time. A mystery which has yet to be solved.

You can see this woman in pictures that can be viewed at the Carleton Place & Beckwith Historical Museum in Carleton Place Ontario. Those connected with the museum have not been able to determine just who this mysterious face belongs to or are able to figure out why she appears in so many of these 1900 circa photographs. She was someone here at one time but only an image can speak for her now.

Such things are not uncommon in our history and only serve to wet the appetites of those who have an interest in it. One need not travel far to find a good mystery in which to sink ones teeth into.

This is true should you travel around and take notice of the many old buildings and the accompanying landscape. It is always changing yet remains the same somehow.

There remains a connecting force that links it all together and connecting that force can connect one to oneself and many seek to do so in these uncertain times.

Links to the past, our heritage and our common origin has likely never been so pursued, or by so many, as it is now. We seek answers and searching out who we once were is a prettty good way to begin this process.

Great Canadian writers such as; Stompin’ Tom Connors, Peter Gwoski, Mary Cook, Wayne Rostad, Freddy Dixon, etc, have done a marvelous job of capturing the past (who we were and presently are) through their writings, songs and media. Each of them understands well the rich and lasting value in doing so and they deserve much credit for their foresight and their insight into all of this.

Old buildings, cemeteries and landmarks can have this certain effect if one takes the time to notice. There are, “words whispering in the wind,” “songs in the air” and stories being told by the land. Just listen and you will hear. Consider it and you will know.

All this brings us back to the “mysterious lady” in the old photographs. Did she know somehow that her image would travel throughout the years and confound us today? Or, did she think only that she was just another face in the crowd? Someone who found herself getting photographed often in a time when getting ones picture taken was not such a common thing. Perhaps she may have wondered. Just as we wonder about her today.

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