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It is a tale of love. A tale of hope.
A story of dreams, and of promises spoken.

With a bright future, and of things to come. All there just waiting for them: but it would never be.

Lennie MacNeely was an; unique, stubborn, kinda sweet, and a one of a kind type of gal that folks didn’t forget easily.

For many years she and her sister Ida shared a house on Princess Street in Carleton Place where Lennie was well known through her job at the downtown Canada Post Office.

With deep, dark, reddish hair, thick makeup and a teasing smile, Lennie endeared herself to many while still keeping herself aloof and always mysterious.

Because she WAS mysterious and held many “mysteries” within.

And this only added to her mystique all the while only adding to her overall sense of wonder.

And there was lots of wonder connected to her alright.

For one thing: Lennie never married.

Although very attractive, there seemed to be no man in her life.

But few ever knew that this was not always the case.

She was born in South Carolina (where her father made quite a name for himself through innovation and smart business practices) then moved to Baie Comeau, Quebec as a teenager.

How she and her sister came to reside in Carleton Place is not quite known but it could be due to her employment with Canada Post.

But come she did, along with her “unique tendencies”, out going ways and distinct personality. As far as anyone knows she left her ‘pet bear cub’ behind in Quebec but she did have (and housed) numerous cats and sometimes ‘other’ fury friends.

Longtime Carleton Place resident, Dave Bell, was kind of a ‘adopted son’ of Lennie’s and for over twenty-five years he ran errands, did small chores and became close friends to both Lennie and her sister Ida.

“She was just special,” Bell described. “Very special to me.”

So special that he holds something very special and very dear in his possession to this very day.

Something that sheds a bright light on some of the mystery and intrigue which surrounds the story of Lennie MacNeely.

Lennies 'Lost Love' LetterAnd that is: “Lennie’s ‘lost love’ letters.”

Lennie once had a love. A ‘true love.’

The kind of love that held much; hope, faith and promise.

It held all the passion of youth and the fruit on which dreams are founded.

And yet it was not to be.

Her beloved “Brett” would not live to return from the Second World War where he both served and died in the British Air Force.

And thus: Lennie never wed. But her love remained true and those last words written to her in 1942 remain as a testament to what was but yet never would be.

Still; they remain for you to read now.

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