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The end of all things as we once knew it?
In 2008 I released a song entitled, “Fading Away” and things certainly seem to be.
The lyrics suggested, “our forefathers built this country, and everything they stood for is fading away.”
So true.
What gets me most is how everything is collapsing and how fast it is all happening.
Also the stupidity and cowardice displayed by so many.
Our grandparents would never have acted this way. They would have stood together and faced this thing head on.
No way would they have allowed their rights and livelihood to be taken from them so easily. They would choose to die rather then to allow that. They would “rise up and stand tall.”
A few years ago someone stated that, “when the last our our grandparents generation (speaking about grandparents of the “baby boomers”) past all common sense went with them”
Sounds right to me.
They would, “rise up and stand tall” and made a stand.
Today it’s cowardice and extreme selfishness which is the order of the day.
Another wise statement states, “when one runs away in fear they dig a pit for themselves which they will ultimately fall into and surely perish.” One might buy a bit of time but…
Wait for it.
I suspect dire results from all of this fear, suspicion and social isolation. No invading army required. We caved in fear and “divide and conquer” that was performed by our very selves.
Here is another important fact.
The mainstream media doesn’t tell the full story.Β  They promote this fear and revel in it.
Whatever happened to true, balanced journalism?
The economic, social, personal damage brought on by these measures has been devastating. Far worse then the effects of this virus.
It leaves Β one to ask, “what’ next?”
Things don’t look good.
People with my point of view are of the minority.But as the age old saying states, ” you can deny reality but you can’t deny the consequences of reality.”
We shall soon find out what these consequences are.
I wish everyone the best and may you hold on, hold up and weather all of this. Should you be one who has faith that’s a great advantage to you.
You are going to need it.
Lyle Dillabough

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