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Well; you just never know how things are going to work out.

Yesterday I gave away my Best Friend. (My Yammy- Yamaha 280 Guitar)

Had it since 1977. Since then it has been my closest companion and the most reliable thing(?) in my life. Has been with me through thick and thin and throughout the stages of my life. Been in; jail, ditches, air planes, trains, vehicles of all sorts, shit wagons, on a thousand stages, recording studios, radio studios, tv studios, clubs, barrooms, shit holes, backroads, no roads, at sea, in snow, rain, “New England In The Rain”, motel rooms, hotel rooms, no rooms, in the wilderness, and so on, so on, and so on. Even in Newfoundland.

Wrote hundreds of songs with it

Promised that I’d give it to my daughter Amy when I died.

However, turned out that her son, Lochlan, is interested in learning to play and after watching him, Amy and i agreed it should be passed on to him.

Made me cry.

So glad to see it go to my grandson.

Still: hurts to part with your “Best Friend.” (but you can’t hold on to things and this is a beautiful ending/beginning)

My dad made an incredible deal when negotiating the price for me Can still see him now. He was good.

Bob and Kevin may recall that Chris Cooper bought a Yamaha 180 shortly after but it didn’t come close to the sound of my 280

It was a very special sounding guitar. Over the years other players would often choose it over their own when playing on my recording sessions. That tells me everything. (was once offered $1,800.00 for it)

Well, it’s me and the Sigma now. Great guitar it is too.

So it’s ahead with the new sessions now. Mike Lush stopped by yesterday and is really excited with my songs (proposed material) for the new collection(album?) Recommended a couple of. Players he knows for the tracks (eg: a great slide player for TRACES)

We studied my new recorder. He says it is a good one. Hope to lay down some solo tracks this weekend.

So there you go guys. You know doubt remember many a night on stage with the BRW, “crazy Lyle” and his “Yammy”.

Thanks for allowing me to share.
Yours, as always…lyle

Lyle Dillabough (Productions)

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